For more information or to get signed up please call

Wild River Archery at 651-674-0299 or stop by the store!




We offer Beginners Archery and Advanced Archery Classes for all ages. So weather you are new to sport and want to see how archery can positively impact your life. Or you want to take your shooting to the next level we have a class for you.


Beginners Archery Class- All equipment is provided but you can always use your own. We will cover different styles of bows, cover the parts of a bow, range safety, a brief history of archery, basic shooting skills and much more.



Advanced Archery Session- We will cover form, check your draw length and bow set up, educate you on shooting drills and much more!

 We can also customize a session to your personal needs.    

Advanced sessions can be done at anytime. Please contact the store to set-up a time